Monday, January 29, 2007

Washington DC: 300 militants rush the steps of the US congress, confront police

300 anarchists, members of SDS, and various youth contingents rushed the steps of the US capitol building on Saturday, breaking away from the larger peace rally asking congress to halt the war in Iraq.

According to an account in The Hill newspaper on Monday, a splinter group of anti-war protesters composed of anarchists spray-painted slogans on the Capitol building Saturday while Capitol police stood by and did nothing.

According to The Hill, newly installed U.S. Capitol Police Chief Phillip Morse and Deputy Chief Daniel Nichols told officers to "fall back" and "cede" the west terrace stairs to the protesters at the time of the incident. The approximately 300 anarchists then proceeded to spray-paint "anarchist symbols" on the structure.

Rank-and-file police officers were reported to be "livid" at the order from their superiors.

A clip posted on showed protestors defacing the Capitol steps with anarchist symbols and slogans.

One source said police were forced to stand by and watch as protestors posed in front of their graffiti before it was removed.
Earlier in the day, militant action was abundant at the DC protest, as anarchists scuffled with police, outflanking the police positions using a frontline armed with shields, attacking a military recruitment center, smashing out a window.

A Fox news truck was also attacked, click on the picture below for a better view of the damage.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

The police state marches on...and on

Phoenix Police officer murders unarmed 19 year old
Another repulsively, un-critical report from the Arizona Republic, the mouth piece of white skin privilege in Arizona, from vigilantes, to cops, the Republic makes sure to take the reactionary position 9 of 10 times. Here's more from the frontlines of the social war...

"Police are investigating an incident in which a Phoenix police officer shot a 19-year-old suspect in the face during a traffic stop...Officer Mykal Moller fired a single shot...after watching the suspect, Pineda Santana, reach for a what was believed to be a gun in the front passenger seat of a Volkswagen Rabbit...Moller "feared for his life," after watching Santana reach for what he believed to be a handgun, police said...Investigators searched the Rabbit, but did not find a gun at the scene..."

Friday, March 24, 2006

News from an Insurgent world

Dubai: Foreign workers riot, continue strike into second day
"thousands of workers refused to return to work after a night rampage two days ago in which they smashed cars and offices...he rare outbreak of violence on Tuesday caused an estimated $1 million worth of damage and illustrated growing unrest among foreign workers who are the linchpin of Dubai's building boom. Rampaging workers chased and beat security officers, then broke into offices where they smashed computers and files, witnesses said. They said about two dozen cars and construction machines were wrecked. None of the workers had been arrested"

Thursday, March 23, 2006

From the Frontlines of the Police State

Elderly couple hurt as police raid wrong house

HORN LAKE, Miss. - An elderly Mississippi couple is in the hospital after police burst into their home thinking it housed a methamphetamine laboratory.

A heavily armed team stormed the house in Horn Lake before dawn Wednesday. A man and a woman -- both in their 80s -- were injured as police secured the house. No drugs were found.

Police say the woman suffered a dislocated shoulder and the man had bruised ribs.

Police later raided another house and arrested two people on drug charges.

The police chief says an investigation is under way.

Associated Press
Mar. 23, 2006

Fighting Back: Phoenix police wound man in exchange of gunfire

A man is in the hospital after he shot at Phoenix police and then officers shot him.

It happened about 10 p.m. Wednesday night while officers were on a domestic violence call in Maryvale, near 55th Avenue and Encanto Boulevard, between Thomas and McDowell roads.

Police say a man in a vehicle shot at officers, who returned the fire, hitting the man in the arm.

At last report, the suspect was in serious but stable condition at a hospital.

No officers were hurt.

Associated Press
Mar. 23, 2006

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Bird Flu: Human to Human?

The Ukraine is the latest nation to report a bird flu outbreak among domesticated fowl in six separate villages, as the virus is killing the birds in as little time as two to eight hours. Ukraine president, Viktor Yushchenko has authorized the government to send in troops to secure a quarantine, to what the Ukranian government is calling an "exclusion zone."

As the Ukraine battles their first outbreak, there continues to be a great number of infections through out Asia, in the Indonesian capitol, Jakarta, the disease is widespread throughout the city, with one doctor suggesting that a dreaded mutation in the virus has already occurred, human to human transmission. "There are just too many people who have it," said one doctor. "In many cases, it is difficult to establish any contact with birds."

As an eighth person in Indonesia is confirmed to have died from the bird flu, and that the woman is said to have had contact with dead chickens before becoming infected, while Indonesian authorities remain reluctant to authorize a mass culling of birds, opting for vaccination as the alternative.

Also in Asia, suspicion is growing that China has covered up hundreds of human deaths from bird flu, Science Magazine is reporting, and there were also six new reported outbreaks among fowl in Vietnam.

Author Mike Davis (City of Quartz, Ecology of Fear, and The Monster at Our Door: The Global Threat of Avian Flu) has repeatedly pointed to a number of problems that, due to the extreme poverty of the third world and greed of the first, will contribute to a global bird flu pandemic, quite possibly on the scale of the 1918 pandemic that killed at least 40 million people.

In a recent interview on Democracy Now!, Davis outlined the danger of global poverty when mixed with a deadly flu pandemic:
...the poor countries of the world, have absolutely no protection against the threat that most public health authorities consider to be an inevitable threat of an avian influenza pandemic. They don't have access to anti-virals. They don't have access to vaccine. Indeed, they don’t -- many of them don't even have the means of surveillance to detect the flu or monitor its progress once the flu pandemic were to reach the southern hemisphere, the poorest countries in South Asia or southern Africa. And right now probably the most worrying thing that's happening in the world is not that birds with avian flu have reached the doorstep of Europe, but the very same birds will imminently carry avian flu probably to East Africa and the Nile Valley and almost certainly into South Asia. And I think what we need to be most worried about is the combustion of avian flu, with its potential to become a human pandemic, with urban poverty.

Unfortunately for millions of the global poor, no solutions will come fast enough, the leading anti-viral drug, Tamiflu, in the fight against bird flu has become scarce, as first world governments, and capitalists are buying up stocks for the companies. The US alone has already stockpiled nearly three million doses of Tamiflu, while the majority of third world countries will be the hardest hit, and have little to no access to Tamiflu, or a generic version of the drug.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Workers strike back!

Over 500 striking Spanish miners fought battles with police and barricaded highways in the Leon province of northern Spain. A two day strike has been called after Spain's Industry Ministry proposed for retirement benefits to be to worker production, while the miners union is demanding that the retirement age for miners be lowered to 52, due to the dangerous and often deadly conditions that the workers are exposed to daily.

In battles on a main highway, civil guard riot police were attacked by hundreds of stone throwing workers, the police responded with volleys of tear gas, eventually driving back the workers and reopening the highway.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Iraq: US Bombs targets, Al Qaeda in Iraq attacks edge country towards civil war

US and Iraqi forces, already waging pitched battles with foreign jihadists in Tal Afar, and carrying out air attacks in border town Karabila, today bombed Ramadi as US troops fought gun battles with insurgents in the city.

The security situation in Iraq continues to crumble as there were coordinated car bomb attacks for the second day in a row in Baghdad, today 25 members of an elite police commando force were killed, wounding 21 other people.

Al-Qaeda in Iraq's leader, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, is pushing the country towards a Shia-Sunni civil war, as he declared war on Iraq's long oppressed majority Shia population, seen by al-Zarqawi and his militants as all too cooperative in the new political restructuring of Iraq. In a truely disturbing action, it was al-Zarqawi who ordered the multiple car bomb explosions in Iraq yesterday, killing 160 Iraqis and leaving over 500 wounded. Many of the dead were day laborers who were lured over to the a suicide vehicle by the promise of work, witnesses said there were dozens of workers crowding around the van when it exploded.

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Anarchists and the state's perception of a threat

A good piece from the Bay Area Political Review on the FBI's recent demonization of the Anarchist Black Cross Federation (ABCF) during a congressional hearing on terrorist threats, domestic and international. However this is neither the first, nor the last case of anarchists being slandered by the state, in July of 2004 the Phoenix Police department made it known at a public meeting that they view the Phoenix Anarchist Coalition as a terrorist organization.

On the ABCF, read Colin Asher's column here.

An article from the East Valley Tribune on the labeling of PAC as a terror group can be found here.